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The library is here to help you stay up to date on the latest COVID-19 news. California Issues Directive to Fight COVID-19 

Library News: Summer 2020

The summer is here and the library remains open to support the faculty.  In case you haven't had a chance to explore the new library structure, a good way to do so is through the library footer, found at the bottom of every library page. This makes it easy to move from page to page. 

The library page footer is is a handy navigation tool, containing 28 separate links to thousands of resources in the library pages and through the college services.  Explore the resources linked on the A-Z List of Database, access the Faculty Resources pages and GoReact.  Click into the Research Aids that are specifically designed to support your students, and much more.

Let the librarians know if you need any assistance in the library at:


Welcome to the Library!

A-Z Database List

Where to Start in the Library

Not sure where to start? Follow these easy steps!
  1. Explore the A-Z List of Databases and begin your research by clicking into the database of your choice. The librarians recommend starting with ProQuest Research Library.
  2. Explore the Video Tutorials to help you learn how to use the library. 
  3. Explore the other sections in the library, including Breadth of Knowledge, Dance, Music/Voice and Theatre.


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