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Breadth of Knowledge

Breadth of Knowledge

Welcome, Students! 

This guide will help you find resources for your breadth of knowledge courses in the topics of: Biology, Business Math, Communications, English, Psychology, Sociology, Teaching Methods.


Find the A-Z list of Library Databases here.

This is where you should start your research, in the library databases. 


How do the library resources and services support students taking breadth courses? 

The biomechanics of dance, the biology of voice work, the psychology of theatre performance and the sociology of how the world of performance is influenced and shaped by the world that you exist within: all and much more are covered by the resources in the YACPA Virtual Library. 

  • Studying Dance?  Well, the library has content not only specifically on dance technique  but it also has content on the biomechanics of dance in the human body.  Which takes us into biology. 
  • Are you you a Vocal student? You will be interested in how the human body is perfectly designed to make sound and how environmental factors and disease or structural differences affect how your voice performs. 
  • If you are a Theatre student, you will want to learn about using your voice on the stage and how psychology can impact performance. 
  • There are resources on how people with different ways of knowing or with physical differences, perform through alternate movement and communication methods, in order to engage with their audiences.  
  • You will need to access content on how to pull all of your work together into a presentation or a paper and there are many resources in the Virtual Library and Learning Center to assist with that stage of your coursework.


Questions? Contact us at Help is available 7 days a week. 



Credit: Performing Arts, Edge Hill University under a Creative Commons license.


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